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The framework for an Incentive Program

Today, we're all searching for ways to improve productivity, increase sales and, at the same time, increase profits.
The search often overlooks the largest factor involved. The human factor. Incentive programs are a proven way of making
that crucial component work harder for you.

Incentive programs have been used by business for many years and Ken MacKenzie Communications can assist your business to plan a program that suits your particular needs.




Incentive Programs can achieve a number of objectives:

Increase productivity

Reduce absenteeism

Improve safety standards

OR Assist sales campaigns

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The two major attributes of incentive programs are:

(a) Flexibility in application to any business opportunity or problem and

(b) Self liquidating cost. Successful incentive programs are self funding because all the costs are paid from the extra profits

Incentives are a valuable aid in every type of activity and every section of channel or distribution. Distributors, agents,
wholesalers and manufacturers can all be made to respond to incentives.

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Why travel is the best incentive reward:

Travel is out of the ordinary; generating respect and goodwill amongst employees,
distributors and consumers.

Most importantly, travel has high publicity value.

Everyone loves talking about travel and, as a result, travel generates enthusiasm and excitement, before, during and after
the program. Whilst appliances wear out, the experiences of the incentive travel reward are continually talked about
and fondly remembered.

Deciding your objectives: The planning for any type of incentive program requires the same attention to detail as any
other project. It is advisable for you to put your initial thoughts on paper in broad outline, then fill in the details and specifics,
once you have identified the major components.

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